I truly believe that
Life is a film.
We are the scriptwriters, (or is it god?...)
We are the directors of our photography
We are the players,
the stars the heroes
And finally we edit our lifes.
We choose what to cut in or out.
Sometimes we just need to observe & absorb
Cinema is everywhere



I'm Amnon, born&rased in Jerusalem.
Currently living in Tel Aviv with Mor my wife, Lia & Zohar and Yaski our dog.
I got my first digital camera before my big trip to India, where i found my destiny.
Since then I've just kept filming and my passion keeps on rising.
I Graduated with B.F.A after five fascinating years in the Film & Television Department of Tel Aviv University.
I'm learning new stuff every day and trying to implement it in my work.
I shot various fiction, documentary & experimental films, as well as TV series, commercials, and music videos.
Over the years I've become a OneManCrew, mastering the production from pre to post, filming, directing & editing my own way.
What I love bout my work is to show the beauty of the ugliness, the trivial as thrilling. 
Always in search after the right unique visual identity, co-oping creatively with the client.
Discovering the cinematic heart of a story 
and planting meaning behind the images.

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